Meet Anashay Wright


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Meet Anashay Wright: Chief Executive Disruptor, Visionary, and Proud Mother

Accelerating Change Through Innovation in Public Education

Anashay Wright, the heart and soul behind Disruptive Partners Consulting, is a passionate advocate for bold, strategic change that benefits everyone in the public education ecosystem. As a mother to two amazing children in metro Atlanta public schools and a fur baby named Porsha, her mission is to serve as a connector, build unity, and re-center humanity at the core of our public education community.

Empowering Leaders and Students with 20+ Years of Experience

Anashay is a strategist, speaker, coach, and educator who guides educators, parents and education leaders with practical tools and strategies for meaningful change. With her expertise, she creates inclusive programs and learning experiences that positively impact over 50,000 children.

Disruptive Partners Consulting: Advancing Equity in Education

Disruptive Partners Consulting is dedicated to collaborating with parents, families, and innovators to develop innovative solutions that accelerate learning, close the opportunity gap, and increase sustainable social impact businesses.

The Transformative DisruptED by Design (TM) Framework

Anashay's game-changing framework focuses on four crucial areas to revolutionize public education:

  1. Nurturing and Growing Education Leaders
  2. Supporting Black and Brown Innovators & Founders
  3. Encouraging Parental Involvement & Collaboration
  4. Bridging the Gap Between Adults and Youth

Join Anashay Wright, a mother, educator, and disruptive innovator, in her journey to transform public education; connect communities and lead change centered with a deep passion for the well-being of all students, educators and families.


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