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ChatGPT As An Ally: How a Black Mother & Educator Used AI-Tools To Empower Students

Mar 01, 2023

As a Black mother and educator, I know firsthand the challenges that Black students & families face in the education system. As a Black mother and educator in Metro Atlanta, I’ve seen how the school-to-prison pipeline affects our community. The school-to-prison & poverty pipelines are real and are long overdue for disruption. But how can we seize the moment? In this blog post, I’ll share how I used AI-tools like,, and ChatGPT to put the power in the hands of my students.

“The system controls bodies; when it can’t engage minds.”

Black children are brilliant, but outdated practices won’t let them be great. It also won’t equip amazing educators with the skills of the future they need too. I’ve seen this first hand with my students at alternative high schools. They were disengaged and disconnected from learning, but that all changed when I introduced AI-powered tools like They went from blank papers- to 4 page essays. With, my students were able to speak & capture their brilliance in ways that defied tradition. One student who struggled with writing for years was able to express his thoughts and ideas in a way that he never had before. It was a game-changer.


AI tools helped my students in an alternative-school go from disengaged and discouraged — to joyful, powerful, thinkers. Contrary to popular myths about AI cheating for students, it AI captured their own brilliance in a way that traditional methods couldn’t. It’s time to recognize the power of AI tools in helping all students discover and express their unique talents and owning their truth. Through digital disruption and automation, we can provide meaningful learning experiences for all children regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

Getting started with AI tools is simple. Here are three tools that can help both students and educators make the shift and embrace innovation:

For students:

  • This tool can help students (ages 13&Ucapture lectures and discussions and review material at their own pace. It’s a great way to personalize learning and accelerate learning.

For Parents:

ChatGPT: An AI-powered tool that can help students identify their interests and skills, and create a personalized career plan based on their unique strengths. This can be a great way to motivate students and help them visualize their future.

For educators:

  • A writing tool that can help you create engaging communication for parents and generate ideas for engaging writing assignments.

The future is now; and AI’s potential to transform education is undeniable. But without digital proficiency, it will only widen the wealth gap. This is why Disruptive Partners, exists. Next month, we’re inviting you to “The Table,” an online membership community that will meet monthly to connect, learn, and discuss ways to prepare our children for the future.

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