Closing the Digital Divide: Connecting With Today's Student Culture in Empowering Ways

Workshops & Keynote Discussion Topics

Join us in bridging the generational culture gap between today's K-12 youth and the adults closest to them, fostering strong connections, and shaping the future of education.

Keynote & Panel Discussion Topics for Youth & Adults

Our thought-provoking keynote and panel discussion topics are crafted to ignite conversations and provide valuable insights for both youth and adults:

  1. Closing the Digital Divide: Ensuring Equitable Access to Education
  2. The Future of K-12 Education: Insights from Google's 2021 Report
  3. Building Strong Connections: Engaging Today's Youth in Meaningful Conversations
  4. Cultivating a Culture of Inclusivity and Equity in Schools

Experience our virtual and in-person half-day workshops, offering hands-on training in various topics designed to empower K-12 parents who are educators and executive leaders, as well as their children:

  1. Addressing the Digital Divide: Strategies for Promoting Equitable Access to Education
  2. Preparing for the Future of Learning: Key Takeaways from Google's 2021 Report
  3. Effective Communication: Building Authentic Connections with Today's Youth
  4. Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and Responding to the Needs of Students
  5. Fostering Inclusivity: Creating Equitable and Supportive School Environments

By attending our workshops and engaging in panel discussions, you'll be better equipped to:

  • Strengthen relationships with young people by actively listening and engaging with them.
  • Understand and respond empathetically to the emotional context of their communication.
  • Initiate personalized and meaningful discussions based on their interests and preferences.
  • Foster a more inclusive environment by breaking down barriers and promoting equity.
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We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibilities of enhanced engagement together.

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Meet Chance and Anashay Wright, Co-Creators of Our Workshops

Chance Wright is a passionate, self-proclaimed Kn.E.R.D. (Knowledgeable, Educated, Relentlessly Driven) scholar. At just 16, he founded Chance Wright Consulting (CWC), LLC, a social-justice and education consulting firm. A trusted advisor to education leaders, parents, and students in Black communities and schools, Chance uses his knowledge, experiences, and talents to serve as a voice for GenZ students in communities of color. When he's not creating music, studying meteorology, playing lacrosse, or traveling with family, Chance attends Southwest DeKalb Magnet School in Decatur, GA. 

Anashay Wright is a mother, national award-winning educator, speaker, and true disruptive leader. As the founder & Chief Disruptor of Disruptive Partners, a Black-female-led social impact firm, she brings nearly two decades of experience in the K-12 sector, working with organizations like TNTP, Leading Educators, and the Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes Foundation. Anashay is unapologetically committed to elevating the collective brilliance of Black communities, starting with her own Metro Atlanta community. She has been recognized by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, NPR, The 74 Million, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Good Day Atlanta, and numerous other media outlets. 

Together, Chance and Anashay Wright have co-created our engaging and insightful workshops, focusing on their mission to offer actionable solutions for bridging the generational divide!