What if you could have a direct hand in shaping your child's educational experience?

When parents are in the driver's seat, everything changes...for the better.


Today, we invite you to see how.


Join us at

The Table.

Let's revolutionize education

as a parent-led community

Over the next 12 months, you'll 
shape the future of learning. 
Donate what you can to join our waitlist today!

Let's revolutionize education

as a parent-led community

Over the next 12 months, you'll 
shape the future of learning. 
Donate what you can to join our waitlist today!

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This new, parent-led community is the collaboration tool our families need to connect with the resources and solutions that will "future-proof" our schools.

This new, parent-led community is the collaboration tool our families 
need to connect with the resources and solutions that will "future-proof" our schools.

At The Table, our approach to creating actionable solutions for your student will disrupt the status quo and flip old, outdated systems on their head!  

As a founding member, you'll get access to:

  • Monthly forums for collaboration among parents and providers
  • User-friendly resources that boost student engagement and performance
  • Opportunities to learn from K12 industry experts and CEOs of AI-powered tools
  • Strategies to elevate parent voice and power in decision-making processes
  • Online resources that improve student learning and parent engagement
  • Utilize technology and innovation to enhance parent engagement and student learning
  • Insights from local and national experts in K12 mental health
  • Monthly feedback opportunities to track educational developments and improvement

...just donate what you can to join us!

As a member of The Table, you’ll gain access

to a community of diverse parents from around the country; and direct connection to education leaders, service providers, local programs, and more.

Upcoming topics and conversations include 

Restoring The Joy Of Learning

  • Examining New Innovations
  • Making the Case for Personalized Student Pathways
  • Embracing Innovation In Education

Closing the Opportunity Gap

  • Closing the Wealth, Health, and Digital Literacy Gaps
  • Connecting Across Generational Communities
  • Creating Powerful Student Pathways

Empowering Parents to Lead

  • The Critical Need for Parents as Powerful Partners
  • The Future: Students as Self-Empowered Leaders
  • Advocating for Schools of the Future

...and more!

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Our Chief Disruptor

Anashay Wright, is a certified Georgia educator, mother, and founder of Disruptive Partners Consulting. She supports major school districts, nonprofits, and community-based organizations in raising funds for predominantly Black communities and schools. She is passionate about creating positive change in historically-ignored communities of color.

There is a critical need for

a change in our educational system.


Parents should be ready to answer that call. Are you?

  Join us at The Table.


Become a Founding Member of The Table today and let's work together to drive real change for our kids through innovative solutions.  

Let's shape the future of education for the next generation, today.

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