Meet Chance, CEO of By: Chance Consulting & DP Advisor/Speaker

Chance began his career as a public speaker at the age of nine when he shared the stage with former TNTP CEO, Daniel Weisberg in front of 300+ educators. At the age of eight, Chance was featured in his first national publication entitled, Want to Improve Schools, Ask a 4th Grader. At the age of fifteen, he earned his Business Consulting Certificate from Harvard Academies. More recently in 2021, he reunited with Dan Weisberg on stage and Deputy Superintendent of his school district, Melissa Harris.

A self-proclaimed Kn.E.R.D. “A Knowledgeable, Educated, Relentlessly Driven” scholar. Chance’s passion for advancing equity on behalf of Black students started when he was just nine years old. In 2016 he used his voice to help build new tables that elevated his “student” perspective on diversity, school discipline and instruction. The TNTP blog entitled, “Want to Improve Schools? This Fourth-Grader Has Ideas;” showed education leaders, across the country, what we would and should be learning from ALL students. Later that same year, Chance was recognized nationally by TNTP’s former Chief Executive Officer, Dan Weisberg, as a “TNTP FAVORITE THINKER” (student edition).

In 2022, Chance became the sixteen year old founder & CEO of Chance Wright Consulting (CWC), LLC a social-justice & education consulting firm. As a consultant and trusted advisor to education leaders, parents and students in Black communities and schools; Chance uses his knowledge, experiences and talents to serve as a voice for GenZ students in communities of color. And when he’s not on stage having disruptive conversations with his mom; he’s at THE Southwest DeKalb Magnet School, in Decatur, GA creating music, studying meteorology, playing lacrosse and traveling with family.

Chance is on a path to fulfill his vision of making Forbes 30 Under 30 by age 23 for his work as a socialpreneur leading REAL change in his community and thriving mentally, physically and economically.

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